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The Enhanced Kenworth T680 V1.0 Mod has undergone several enhancements in this update. Below is a list of these improvements:

– Added a 76″ mid-roof sleeper cabin with its own interior cabin, compatible with v1.3 base game accessories (courtesy of 349hugo).

– Included a 52″ mid-roof cab with Aerokit, which works well with different colors. However, there is an issue with the texture on the spoiler, as it may appear inconsistent. (This cab uses the stock 52″ interior.)

– Introduced a mid-length chassis for the 53-inch cabins, suitable for daycabs looking to make a statement. The original concept was designed by Shin2044.

– Added multiple sets of roof mount points for ETS/Aradeth’s lights and horns to all sleeper cabins, including an actual roof bar. It is important to note that these mount points are intentionally enabled for all cabs. If you choose to attach accessories that clearly don’t fit or hover in thin air, the joke is on you, not the mod creator.

– Included several bullbars with additional mount points, modified from Aradeth’s models.

– Added side and shortened rear exhausts for sleepers, with some featuring outward-angled designs. The side exhausts were included with permission from Pendragon.

– Enhanced the interior cabin with an interior light available in different colors.

– Optional additional side blinkers for sleepers.

– Added an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) and auxiliary Air-Con for the 76″ and 52″ cabs, contributed by Viper.

– Provided a range of rear fenders, thanks to Viper.

– Included a small selection of sideskirts for mid- and long chassis.

– Ported roof flares from the day cab version to the sleepers (excluding the Aero-52″).

– Lengthened sideflare stripes for the 76-inch cabins, with and without openings for side stacks.

– Introduced a “Lowbar” with marker light slots.

This mod has been updated to ATS 1.5, but no new custom parts have been added at this time.

San Diego Improvement Project v 1.3 Map

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