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DV RedDragon Truck

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Introducing the DV RedDragon Truck for ATS

After 15 hours of intense creativity, I created a skin for the Peterbilt 579. While there are some minor issues with the scales, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll notice them while traveling at 80 MPH. So, don’t worry about crashing.

Unfortunately, the rear fenders on the front wheels do not have artwork. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I am feeling quite tired at the moment. However, for the average player, this shouldn’t be a major problem.

Lastly, I must acknowledge the great artist, Luis Royo. I wish I were born with his talent. You may even notice a cameo appearance of his work in the model.

**Feb 24th 2016**

– The skin is now available for download

– The rear fender skin for the duty cab is currently missing (I will fix it soon, but it’s not something that significantly affects the appearance of the truck).

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