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Doll Vario 3axles with 16 Cargos V 4

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The Doll Vario 3axles with 16 Cargos V 4 is a modification for ATS (American Truck Simulator). It features a Doll Vario 3Achs trailer with new backlight and is available as a standalone trailer. Additionally, there are 6 trailers in AI traffic.

The cargo types available include Weihnachts Geschenke (Christmas Gifts), Leerruecktransport Doll 3Achs (Empty Return Transport Doll 3Achs), Regenueberlaufbecken Fuchs (Rain Overflow Basin Fuchs), Generator Alt (Old Generator), Leerruecktransport mit Liftachs (Empty Return Transport with Lifting Axles), Platmaker Transport, Yacht Transport, WKA Generatorfundament (Wind Turbine Generator Foundation), ENO Maschinenhaus Leer (ENO Machine House Empty), Caterpilar D7H, Ulferts BF3 Ruecktransport (Ulferts BF3 Return Transport), Caterpillar 980H, John Deere 9630, Gabelstapler Komatsu (Komatsu Forklift), Krone BigPack 1290XC/HDP, and Wind Turbinen Teile (Wind Turbine Parts).

The Doll Vario trailer is created by Roadhunter, while the cargos are created by Roadhunter, SCS, and other modders. The wheels used in this modification are provided by Ventures.

Roadhunter, SCS, Ventures,
USMC Truck Mod Kenworth W900 v 1.0 Mod
Freightliner Cascadia V 1.1 edited by Solaris36 Mod

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