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Dirty Windshield + Realistic Lighting + Lens Flare v1.0

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Dirty Windshield + Realistic Lighting + Lens Flare v1.0 for ATS

This is a graphic mod for American Truck Simulator that enhances the game’s realism. It includes features like a realistic windshield with dirt and scratches, realistic lighting, and effects such as lens flare.

Key Features:

  • Dirty Windshield with adjustment tool
  • Lens Flare Effect
  • Increased Sharpness
  • SMAA anti-Aliasing
  • Realistic Lighting/Colors

Using the Windshield Tool:

We recommend running the tool as an administrator and ensuring that your Java is up to date. To set the windshield for each interior, simply use the provided tool. Choose your current interior and see the result in-game without needing to restart.


Extract the 5 files into the “American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x64” folder.


Remove the 5 files from the “American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x64” folder.

Future Work:

  • More dirt, scratches, and wet templates, with the ability to choose among them
  • Additional interiors
  • Custom cracks and spots on the windshield at custom positions
  • More lens flare textures, with the ability to choose your preferred one

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Enjoy the enhanced realism!

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