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DCS Increased Cargo Weights v0.2

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DCS Increased Cargo Weights v0.2 ATS

Are you finding it too easy to drive your truck, with no challenge in accelerating or braking? Then, why not try installing the Increased Cargo Weights Mod? With this mod, you won’t have to worry about speeding anymore, as it will be a struggle to reach high speeds. You’ll also need to carefully consider your braking distances and plan your turns well in advance. In addition, the motorbrake will become your trusty companion.

By installing this mod, you’ll actually feel like you’re hauling tons of weight behind you. However, please note that this mod is designed for seasoned drivers who have full control of their vehicles. It’s crucial to choose your loads wisely, taking into account the engine and gearbox combinations in your truck. While basic trucks can handle the heaviest loads, you may find yourself maneuvering in first gear on the hilly streets of San Francisco.

It’s essential to keep an eye on your fuel consumption as well. With a heavier gas pedal, you’ll need more fuel. So, if you still have a 100-liter tank, be prepared to refuel on every single trip!

WARNING: This is version 0.2 of the mod and is intended for experienced drivers only!

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