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Concept “Flight of fantasy” v1 in

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Concept “Flight of fantasy” v1 in ATS

Update v1:
– Fixed small issues, implemented a few suggestions, adapted to version 1.3 *.
– For visual enthusiasts, added support for a separate mod called “Cabin Accessories” (Concept_truck_Cabin_Acc.scs in the archive).

Available for purchase at the Kenworth store.
Templates are provided for the 2 and 3 channel configurations.
The rearview camera is activated by switching on the left mirror using F2 (second click). In automatic transmission mode, the camera turns on automatically when the reverse gear is engaged,
while in manual transmission mode, the emergency gear is activated. The camera located on the bumper can be deactivated by editing the ui/gps_concept.sii script and changing the coords_t value from 90 to 0.
There is collision detection for the 5 wheels.
The archive consists of two parts, make sure to connect both.
Enjoy your trip.

Game version: only 1.3.x

Special thanks to Knox_xss

dmitry68, alexart247
CAT CT660 FIX 1.3.1

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