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BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Transport Mod

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Introducing the BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Transport ATS Mod

Please note that this mod is only compatible with ATS version 1.6.x and will not work on any version below 1.6.

When it comes to the spawning of this trailer, there are two possibilities. Firstly, the empty chassis will be available at all locations where nuclear waste transport is required, as well as some of the machine repair shops. Secondly, the Nuclear Waste trailer will only spawn at specific companies such as the ports or railyards.

In order to load the nuclear waste, you will need to have a skill point in ADR Class 6. Unfortunately, SCS Software did not include Class 7 for radioactive materials, so this was the best alternative. Nevertheless, I wanted to incorporate the ADR requirements system to some extent.

Trailer Model & Nuclear Flask: Bansheewoj Trailer Wheels, Axle Cap, Tires: Corby, Ventyres,Peterbilt5379 Assembly in ATS, AO Textures & materials, leds: Quattrophobia Misc trailer definitions: B4RT & guidot

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