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The 48FT Wilson Silverstar Spread Axle is now available for American Truck Simulator.

We are releasing the unfinished version of our Wilson cattle pot project because it was leaked, stolen, and hacked. We want to receive credit for the work we have put into it. Originally, it was supposed to be a part of a complete multi-species livestock trailer pack. Unfortunately, due to this unfortunate incident, the project has been derailed and will remain private once completed.

Just like the leaked version, this file is locked. If you attempt to edit it and are labeled as a hacker, it will be on you. There will be no updates for this mod, and it will be our final release. We would like to thank Matt Ricco and Kris Turner, who are part of the community, for taking away the opportunity for everyone to have the entire finished pack. Well done, guys. We hope it was worth it.

MR.WILLIAMS JAB CLASSIK AMCANNES BORA Game version: 1.5 Replaces: This mod is a standalone trailer. Installation: Plug 'n play
Real Company Box Trailers v 2.3 Trailer
Project West v 1.2 – Yosemite National Park

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